Guest Horse

Reverence Stables Horsemanship Centre is Calgary’s premiere equestrian facility offering riding lessons and horse training. Linda’s sought-after training style considers the needs of the horse and rider, movement dynamics, and building a joyful relationship between horse and rider.

RSHC welcomes a limited number of horses and riders for short-term (minimum 3 months) training and development. Programs are highly individualized, developed specifically for you and your horse. They are available for all breeds and all levels of experience. All programs are focused on building a balanced, confident, and athletic horse.

Development Programs

Starting at $880/month

*Customize your program with additional services . Costs will be added to base program

For all Guest Horse Training Candidates

The process begins with a one-on-one assessment of your unique horse, including consideration of:

  • Mental health
  • Biomechanics
  • Previous experience
  • Temperament
  • Posture
  • Physical health
  • Personality

Linda will spend time with each horse to learn their story prior to the start of any development program. This baseline provides a better picture of what types of education and wellness regimens should be followed. It also allows for a conversation between Linda and you regarding what your equine friend requires to achieve a balanced life.

All assessments will include consideration of your horse’s best matching herd mates to live with while at RSHC.

Assessments run approximately 1 hour and are mandatory for clients to attend. A one-time fee of $100+tax is applicable for all assessments (waived for Gold program clients).


Once the assessment is complete, we create a customized development plan that enables both horse and rider to gain the most value from their sessions. Our unique and flexible programs consider the needs of both horse and rider and will be based on your unique partnership with your horse. All development plans will help you understand your horse’s mindset, enabling you to better engage in a healthy conversation within balanced riding, in-hand, and liberty lessons.

As learning advances and the relationship deepens, Linda will adjust each session as needed. Monthly re-evaluations will enable you both to develop and stay on track with your growth.

Private sessions with Linda range from beginner to advanced skill levels. Frequency is based on your program.

Our clients are highly encouraged to attend as many sessions as possible with their horses. Linda wants to support you and your horse to succeed in the building of a joyful relationship and to learn how to be mindful through challenging moments.

Acceptance based
on limited availability for all development programs

  • Programs start at $880/month; prices do not include GST
  • Non-refundable deposit required for each program
  • Minimum 3-month contract required
  • Add-on services and lessons available for an additional cost

Contact us today to discover which program is perfect for you and your horse!


All Guest Horse Training contracts are based on a minimum three-month program. Each horse assessed will then receive a specified number of sessions per month, based on their unique needs. Owners are strongly encouraged to attend these sessions.

Diet, exercise, and mental health will be evaluated alongside each regimen to provide the best opportunity for success and wellness throughout their development.

Reverence Stables Horsemanship Centre works closely with a number of trusted equine professionals to support any treatment in the development of correct biomechanics. These professionals may include bodyworkers, veterinarians, osteopaths, equine dentists, and hoof care specialists.


  • Develop and strengthen your horse’s topline and athletic ability
  • Consistent diet and exercise regimens tailored to your horse
  • Priority on the mental wellbeing of your horse
  • Team of expert equine personnel on hand

Develop a joyful relationship
with your horse!