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homeschool your horse

Buy a package of 4 On line Lessons
$196 Each. Reg $396.

Your Horse

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Buy a program of 4 On line lessons.
$196 Each. Reg $396.

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Homeschool Your Horse:

Amazing, transformational sessions that change lives. Work directly with Linda Fitzpatrick to create a joyful relationship with your horse

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RSHC is pleased to announce the launch of our new online video training for riders of all ages and skill levels! Linda offers one-on-one online sessions tailored to your individual needs, to support your ongoing equine education from the comfort and safety of your home.

For maximum benefits, we recommend a minimum of 2 sessions per month.

Sign-up is easy, here's how it works:

  • Book your first call here
  • Submit payment
  • Check your email for an invitation to your private online training session

What to prepare:

  • Take a video of you and your horse
  • Upload it to your computer or YouTube account
  • Share it with Linda in your Zoom call

The journey to your excellence doesn’t have to be hard…it can be joyful and relaxed for you and your horse.

Linda Fitzpatrick


  • Horse owners who want a more joyful relationship with their horse
  • Beginners who want to better communicate with their horse so they will understand and respond instantly in a relaxed, joyous fashion
  • Advanced riders who want to take their partnership and relationship with their horse to the place they always dreamed of and achieve better results
  • Competitive riders looking to develop and advance their equine friend’s athletic ability and self-carriage with mental and physical strength
  • Horse owners who want to continue to grow their knowledge of correct equine biomechanics and long-term mental and physical wellness of their horse
  • Horse owners recovering from insecurities looking to regain their confidence

When you take Homeschool Your Horse sessions with Linda, you will gain:

A joyful partnership with your horse and a horse that will love to be with you

A horse that will TRY harder to go one step further than you ask of them

Improved mental and physical balance

Amazing insight into the world of joyful, relational horsemanship training

A horse that will think clearly and calmly under stressful situations

A better understanding of in-hand work and how it will improve your riding

Higher quality movements through self-carriage

Deeper elements of horse husbandry, adding to your horse’s wellness, quality of life, joy, and peacefulness

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