Reverence Stables Horsemanship Centre offers exceptional equestrian education, development, and care. Lessons are offered year-round to riders and horses of all experience levels from beginner to expert.

We invite you and your horse to discover a new style of learning in order to form a true partnership with your horse…one that can take you anywhere.

Always remember it is a privilege to ride on your horse’s back. Help your horse feel it is a joy to allow you that privilege.

– Linda Fitzpatrick

Why Train at Reverence

The relationship between a rider and their horse is intensely personal, and one that requires consistent, healthy conversations. Our focus is on holistic wellness for both horse and rider. Without this foundation, any benefits of training will be lost.

At RSHC, we teach that achieving mental wellness and balance in yourself is key to establishing a trusting, joy-filled relationship with your horse. Building this foundation is critical to better training and communication in the future.

RSHC is dedicated to creating a safe, welcoming space for riders and their horses to achieve physical and mental wellness and balance for both.

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Lesson Types

RSHC offers a variety of lesson types:

Balanced Riding Lessons

Strengthen your relationship with your horse by correcting imbalances and improving mindful self-carriage while in the saddle.

In-Hand Lessons

Learn to influence and enhance your horse’s self-carriage through groundwork to transform your riding and development of a joy-filled partnership.

Liberty Work

Learn to play freely through liberty training, inspiring you and your horse to connect and grow more joyfully together.

Homeschool Your Horse

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