Horses are free-spirited, highly social animals designed to roam and run around in expansive spaces. Reverence Stables Horsemanship Centre integrates this philosophy through our liberty lessons and into every development program, utilizing our outdoor spaces whenever possible in an effort to nurture the playful, curious nature of your horse.

Why Liberty Lessons

With Liberty Lessons, Linda will work with riders to foster a genuine, joyful connection with your horse and a healthy mindset focused on confidence and mindfulness. Learn the language of the horse; by doing so, you will learn how to nurture a more secure individual.

Watch your horse come alive in our expansive riding arena and outdoor grasslands as you hone your communication skills and responses with your horse – developing a deeper connection to your own wellbeing as you spend time in our unique equine paradise.


Develop better communication with your horse
Enhance your horse’s mental and physical wellbeing
Learn to better understand your horse’s individuality by reading their posture, facial expressions, and muscle tone
Learn to master your own energy
Bring joy to your relationship with your horse through play

Experience joy with your
horse playing at Liberty!