Meet Linda

Linda Fitzpatrick is the owner and operator of Reverence Stables Horsemanship Centre. With over 30 years of experience in horsemanship and equine wellness, Linda is passionate about enhancing the holistic health of every horse she works with. Her work focuses on empowering riders, especially women, to build positive and confident relationships with their horses.

Linda’s calm, expert approach to equine education has empowered many riders to connect—or reconnect—with their horses in both mind and body, deepening their relationship and improving the effectiveness of their training.

From the inception of Reverence Stables, my central goal when training has always been to have happy horses…which enables owners to build and share a close, productive relationship with their equine friend.

– Linda Fitzpatrick

She believes that developing a mentally and physically strong horse will, in turn, help riders develop a more thorough understanding of their horse and build a lasting relationship of joy and trust.

The key to a horse’s body is through their mind.

–Linda Fitzpatrick

Linda has a wealth of experience in developing horses across all breeds based on classical philosophies. She believes in cross-training her horses to increase the benefits gleaned from all disciplines.

A life-long student of the horse, Linda continues to pursue her own education in order to enhance the services she provides–living by example to provide her students and their horses with the highest quality horsemanship training. Linda truly understands the value of intentional horsemanship and in helping horses find strength and balance in self-carriage.

While the focus of her work is in dressage, she is currently adding Garrocha and cattle work to empower her students to explore, develop, and challenge their skills by incorporating fresh ideas, fun, and diversity into their development.

Linda’s highly sought-after teaching style and in-depth knowledge of equine anatomy take into account the needs of horse and rider in the moment to build a truly joyful relationship.

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