About RSHC

Founded in 2010, Reverence Stables Horsemanship Centre has been a vibrant contributor in the Calgary and Alberta horsemanship community. RSHC is a positive, peaceful, and energetic community of staff and students who are all passionate about horsemanship and are always keen to learn from each other and their horses in a safe, inclusive, joyful environment.

For over a decade, RSHC has provided a home for horses and their owners to relax, be secure in themselves, and live happily in harmony. Our training services and facilities provide holistic wellness for your horse – giving you peace of mind knowing your equine friend is in knowledgeable, experienced, loving hands.

Our dream for horses is to let them relax and be secure in themselves. Our hope for riders is to enable them to enjoy the transformation.

– Linda Fitzpatrick

RSHC is committed to helping your horse become the best they can be. We work side by side with a team of trusted equine bodyworkers, dentists, hoof care specialists, and veterinarians that are focused on supporting your horse’s wellness, helping them achieve their maximum health and development. RSHC regularly hosts well-regarded classical horsemanship clinicians and educators, providing our clients with opportunities to engage with additional like-minded individuals.

Come discover what we have to offer, and see the lasting difference that working with RSHC will have for both you and your horse.

RSCH offers dedicated development programs for horses and riders of any experience level. At RSHC, holistic horse health and education aren’t simply part of what we offer: they are the cornerstone of our work. Linda’s passion and love of horses and riders are evident in everything…from the pristine condition of the stables to the rigorous yet reverent development programs she creates.


Our company logo embodies the strength of the Fitzpatrick heritage and features the silhouette of Linda’s horse Oak. In our logo, Oak is shown in reverence, which is a symbol of his strength and nobility of character.

Mission & Vision

We firmly believe that developing horses with reverence involves prioritizing their mental and physical balance and wellbeing. Once a horse’s mind and body have become centered, you are on the road to building a strong foundation of self-carriage with mindfulness.

Reverence Stables Horsemanship Centre is committed to a positive, peaceful, and energetic atmosphere–one that provides an inclusive environment conducive to learning, and holistic wellness for both you and your horse for years to come.


  • Tailored development programs
  • Horsemanship expertise you can trust
  • One-on-one guidance for both rider and horse
  • Strict adherence to animal holistic health and wellness
  • Dedicated 24/7 care for your horse
  • Weather-appropriate blanketing to keep your horse healthy and comfortable
  • Only the highest quality feed (low sugar, grass/hay mix)


I absolutely love working with Linda! “Reverence” says it all as demonstrated through her keen eye and astute guidance. Linda stands for the bringing forth the best qualities, “Awesomeness” of Horse and Human. She is on top of what Horse is expressing through body language, rider position, rider body language, rider “Presence”, rider communication or lack of. In a nutshell I feel that working with Linda inspires a whole lot more clear communication between Zorro and I and therefore a deeper ultra- fulfilling sacred connection. This is my Heart’s desire!! We have a heck of a lot of fun too!

Darlene M

I find Linda Fitzpatrick’s statement about RSHC to be true! “Our dream for horses is to let them relax and be secure in themselves. Our hope for riders is to enable them to enjoy the transformation” At RSHC, I am enjoying the process of transforming my equine leadership and where I hold physical and emotional tensions, so that I can help my horse relax and be secure with me. I am enjoying the instruction at RSHC that leads me to a deepening relationship with my horse as we progress in our horsemanship goals.

Susan H

I met Linda in 2007. Linda is a rare and talented horse woman. Her students benefit from her years of experience and her depth of knowledge of equine anatomy and biomechanics. She has an intuitive and understanding of horses and their riders and adapts her teaching style to their needs. Linda educates her students to understand the individuality of each horse, empowering them to develop a relationship of freedom. Whereas some teachers/trainers stop their own learning, Linda continues to study and develop, to the benefit of her students and their horses

Josh Nichol

Josh Nichol A Horseman’s Pursuit Ltd

At the age of 50, I decided to take up riding. It turns out it’s not as easy as it looks and I think I would have given up years ago if it hadn’t been for Linda. She is endlessly patient and good-humoured. She seems to know when to push me to try going beyond my comfort zone and when to leave well enough alone, which is comforting for a nervous novice. I am not nearly as nervous now, largely due to Linda’s approach to teaching – which is through the horse’s mind. I will never speak “horse” nearly as well as she does but what I have learned has led to much greater confidence and a much happier horse! Meanwhile, we are having tons of fun in a completely no-pressure environment and I think that, one day, I may actually get the hang of it. That would not have been possible without Linda!

Kerrie H

I Love every moment with Linda and her horses! The emphasis on mind body connection brings riding to another level. I am always amazed by the little posture corrections Linda points out that make a big difference in riding comfortably. I used to feel a bit sore after a session. Linda corrected my leg placement after I got on the horse. It was subtle but I woke up feeling great the next day. No tightness in the body at all! Thank you, Linda, for introducing me to the joy of riding!

Amanda H

No Limits….. I was searching for someone to help me train my three-year-old to prepare for distance riding competition and I ventured into Linda’s arena. Thanks to her expert tutelage, I have seen myself grow and learn as a horsewoman. I am developing better feel and timing and am getting more intuitive with my horses. I have tackled challenges that have scared me to my core thanks to her positive methods. The encouraging and supportive atmosphere of the facility and other students when I pull in with my horse trailer give me the courage to continue to stretch my limits. My journey and commitment with Linda has helped me train my horse. But my path has morphed into so much more than that thanks to Linda’s inspiration. I am on the road to becoming the kind of horsewoman I always envied. Yet, the closer I get to my goals…the further out I push them again…because of my successes, I have the confidence to reach even higher. There are no limits here.

Cyndi R


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