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balanced horse riding lessons

When a rider gets up on a horse for their first lesson, their greatest concern is to make sure they can stay there. The guiding principle behind balanced riding is to remember that the horse’s center of gravity is where you want to sit.

When you can remain relaxed over your horse’s center of gravity, you are in balance…both with yourself and with your horse. When you are in balance, you can stay on the horse for a comfortable, enjoyable ride.

Why balanceD riding lessonS

In order to fully master riding a horse, a rider needs a strong, balanced core. Riders will learn to communicate with their seat, using classical principles to achieve harmony and rhythm, producing a joyful experience.

At Reverence Stables Horsemanship Centre, our balanced riding program walks you through the essential steps of learning to ride in partnership, understanding the feel of the horse’s movement through your seat, and becoming a positive influence on your horse’s movement.

Achieve a symbiotic, harmonious working relationship with your horse based on a two-way conversation that will help you develop a deeper intuition of what your horse needs, and improve how you communicate with your horse.


Learn how proper saddle fit can positively affect your horse’s athletic ability
Develop a stronger, more balanced posture
Gain fundamental skills that will increase the enjoyment of any ride
Communicate more intuitively with your horse
Deepen your own inner wellness as you focus on your horse’s mindset and development
Gain confidence in your riding skills
Develop increased athletic ability through the correct use of biomechanics for both horse and rider

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